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Founded in 2008, OrthoDirect USA (ODUSA) offers consulting services to Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (Providers) to help navigate change and improve efficiencies. To facilitate the change process, ODUSA assigns on-site mentors to deliver their Operating Room Device Technician (ORDT®) training program.  In addition to providing this training, ODUSA helps Providers proactively source products directly from a network of qualified Manufacturers at wholesale price points, which typically results in reducing procurement costs by 60% to 80%.


As the US healthcare market transitions from volume to value-based reimbursement, Providers will be incentivized to lower costs and improve the quality of care for patients.  ODUSA helps Providers identify the appropriate alignment structures to engage physicians and transform the culture that is necessary for sustainable change.

Physician Alignment

For over a decade, ODUSA has delivered consulting services across the country resulting in millions of dollars of generated savings for Providers.  It became increasingly apparent that physician alignment was key for successful implementation.  In response to this, ODUSA expanded its offering to include a variety of alignment structures designed to incentivize physicians to lead the change process. Physician alignment is the most critical factor to transition healthcare from volume to value.


These structures successfully align all the stakeholders with the Provider's mission and vision. Healthcare is no different than any other market sector, and economic alignment is a prerequisite for any enterprise to succeed and unless everyone involved understands, "What's in it for me," nothing will happen.

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   OrthoDirect helped me establish a new way of thinking about how I work with the hospital.  They have challenged me to become a more effective leader, which meant I first needed to become a student.  I had to develop a different mindset.  I can tell you this - Their system absolutely works, and our hospital is experiencing the benefits!    
-Dr. James Mahalek, Franchise Owner


We believe the best partnerships are built on shared values. If these principles resonate with you, we should talk.


We believe physicians should control the decision-making process when it comes to medical device purchases and decide which technologies are best for their patients.


We believe the patient deserves the technology that best serves their need regardless of the brand. Our process empowers physicians and procurement personnel to become more informed buyers.


We believe physicians must lead the transformational change necessary to lower healthcare costs. Engaged and passionate surgeon leadership is critical and is a mandatory requirement in our process.


We believe organizational change is sustained as individual behaviors change. On-site mentors will empower Provider personnel to operate independently of traditional middlemen support.


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